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PSYCHOHERESY? What's that? I've never seen that term in the Bible.

Basically,  psychoheresy is a term to describe what you have when secular psychological counseling ideas and concepts are mixed with the teachings of the Bible.

Is that a problem? Life is not easy. A lot of people need counseling and psychological help today.                                                    

For Christians, it is a problem. For example, psychology deals with the nature of man, how he lives, and how he changes. Yet, the Bible deals with exactly the same issues. But, the main teachings of psychology often contradict or compromise the teachings of Scripture.

I still don't really see the problem. I think that psychology can help. And if it helps us solve our problems, isn't that what's important?

That is important! And the Bible has a lot to say about problems. Remember, Jesus taught that believers will have difficulties, even major ones. But it's also really important to know that God has a purpose for them. James says that difficulties provide an opportunity to build Christian character; Peter says that our faith is proved "genuine" through troubles; and Paul says God will help us through every trial. James also warns us not to be "double-minded" about the whole thing. By that I mean that some people can trust God for their salvation, but rely on other sources like self-help books or professional therapy for help with their daily problems.

Well, I should know if what you are saying is true. What's the evidence?

I'm glad you asked! Let's find out!

Main Page (Study Materials for Christians) 

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