CRI Guilty of PsychoHeresy?

CRI (Christian Research Institute) Guilty of Psychoheresy? by Martin and Deidre Bobgan responds to the CRI/Passantino "Psychology & the Church" series. They demonstrate that CRI leaves an open door to integrating psychotherapy and its underlying psychologies with the Bible and explain why this should not be done. Leaving the door open to psychotherapy and its underlying psychologies is an overwhelmingly popular position in the church. It is always difficult to combat the popular socio-cultural mores of a society; but it is more difficult to fight against the absorption of these mores into the church. Admittedly, the Bobgans are presenting a minority view and unfortunately they are left with proving the case against something for which the case has never been made.The book exposes the logical fallacies and illogical reasoning used to establish the CRI/Passantino position on psychology and shows why the door to psychotherapy and its underlying psychologies should be shut.

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