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Dear Co-Laborers in Christ,

Although the word “somatopsychic” is not used in the article “Restore the ‘Cure of Souls’ Ministry,” it is, nonetheless, much of what it is about. Somatopsychic refers to the relationship of the body and the mind in which mental symptoms are caused by bodily illnesses. During the entire history of psychiatry and psychotherapy, the intimate relationship between the body and the mind has led to misdiagnosis followed by mistreatment and, in many cases, maltreatment. In the article, we quote psychiatrist Barbara Schildkrout, who warns against simply diagnosing according to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). The DSM has about 300 disorders and their symptoms listed. Both behavioral and mood disorders are often the result of both known and not-yet-discovered physical illnesses.

Two examples, in the sordid past history of psychiatry where people were misdiagnosed, are general paresis, caused by the spirochete of syphilis invading the brain, and pellagrous psychosis, caused by a dietary deficiency of nicotinic acid. In both cases numerous people were labeled schizophrenic and treated accordingly.

In addition to known diseases leading to behavioral and mood disorders, there are many undetected physical illnesses. There is a whole class of diseases called “idiopathic,” meaning that they arise spontaneously from an unknown cause, with symptoms, but no biological markers. This often happens with disorders of the brain: when a physical disease is not found, patients are needlessly and foolishly given unneeded, unhelpful, and sometimes harmful treatment.

Recent research has identified the gut (the digestive system) as the origin of much mental distress. Although the brain is known as the last frontier of medicine, the gut is now recognized as the second brain. In our article we refer to the gut/brain axis (GBA) and to some of the research that, hopefully, will cause everyone to rethink and restrain referrals from the church to psychotherapy.

From the New Testament church onward there was a ministry of dealing with mental distress. This cure-of-souls ministry for the trials, tribulations, and sufferings of life relied on the sufficiency of Scripture, ministered by the Holy Spirit in the fellowship of the saints.

We are grateful to God for those of you who know the truth of the Bible and its application to the issues of life and who recommend against the secular substitute of psychotherapy.

Martin and Deidre Bobgan

The Bobgans have spoken on psychology and Christianity at numerous conferences and churches and on radio and television. Together they have authored 21 books. Deidre  has also written Lord of the Dance: The Beauty of the Disciplined Life (Harvest House; EastGate).

Educational Background * Martin: University of Minnesota, B. A., B. S., M. A.; University of Colorado, Doctorate in Educational Psychology * Deidre: University of Minnesota, B. S.; University of California, M. A. in English.

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