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APRIL Update

Dear Co-Laborers in Christ,

In the March/April newsletter we critique a book by Marshal and Mary Asher, in which they define psychological terms and describe what can be done to counsel individuals with mental disorders. Some of the Ashers’ “Biblical Description[s]” show their ignorance and their own personal bias. One example is their treatment of “Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder” (HSDD), which they describe as a “Deficiency or absence of sexual desire.” The HSDD normally applies to both men and women, yet the Ashers describe the condition as if only the woman has the actual “Deficiency or absence of sexual desire.”  The Ashers’ “Biblical Description” for this disorder includes several of their own personal opinions about male and female sexuality.

At the beginning of their “Biblical Description” the Ashers say, “Unbiblical thinking or behavior can inhibit sexual desire.” They then describe seven possible unbiblical kinds of thinking and behaving on the part of the wife, all of which indicate a “deficiency or absence of sexual desire” and all of which have to do with thinking. It is obvious from the list that it is the wife who has the “Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder,” though the Ashers do not make this clear.

However, the eight items under the “Biblical Description” for the man have nothing to do with the husband suffering from a “deficiency or absence of sexual desire.” Instead the husband uses “sex for selfish personal indulgence.” The remaining seven items describe the husband as doing something badly before, during, or after sex, none of which have even a hint of him having any “deficiency or absence of sexual desire.”

The Ashers’ “Biblical Description” paints a picture of the “deficiency or absence of sexual desire” only applying to a woman, whereas HSDD applies to both men and women. The eight items for the man have nothing to do with any “Deficiency or absence of sexual desire.”

The Ashers have failed to give an accurate picture of HSDD, which actually applies to both men and women. Instead they provide only a personal, fleshly version of their own making. The Bible is the standard but, as with many of their “Biblical Description[s],” the Ashers present no Bible verses. They only biblicize their own person opinions and assume that when couples have sexual difficulties, the wife has psychological problems and the husband has a lust problem.

This is a long and hard battle for truth where personal say-so on the part of the leading counselors takes precedence over the Word of God. We are grateful to those of you who support our efforts to expose such unbiblical teachings so that those in the church may not be led astray from the truth and power of God’s Word.

 Martin and Deidre Bobgan

The Bobgans have spoken on psychology and Christianity at numerous conferences and churches and on radio and television. Together they have authored 21 books. Deidre  has also written Lord of the Dance: The Beauty of the Disciplined Life (Harvest House; EastGate).

Educational Background * Martin: University of Minnesota, B. A., B. S., M. A.; University of Colorado, Doctorate in Educational Psychology * Deidre: University of Minnesota, B. S.; University of California, M. A. in English.

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