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Letters from our readers as published in the
PsychoHeresy Awareness Letter
March - April 2017  (V25 N2)

Thank you for writing to us. We read all letters, even though we are not able to answer each one personally. Please send postal correspondence to:
Psychoheresy Awareness Ministries
4137 Primavera Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Bobgan,

I wanted to thank you again for all your efforts to help people see the truth about psychotherapy. I pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen you for His purposes. May God bless you.   Texas


I would like you to remove my name from your Newsletter mailing list (not your email list). It’s not that I don’t want it anymore. I have signed up to have it delivered in my email & I really enjoy it that way. I want to also save you the cost of shipping.

I appreciate how you offer your books & other material for free. Thank you from all of us that benefit from your knowledge & generosity.    Pennsylvania

Dear Martin and Deidre Bobgan’,

You are on the front line battlegrounds for the souls in the churches today! Don’t despair there are many of us who pray for your ministry and thank the Lord for your continuing to fight the good fight even when our old enemy “Satan” seems to be winning! 

Your ministry gave my wife and I courage years ago when our daughter was separated from us by accusations of abuse suggested by church psychological ministries! Thankfully we were reunited when our daughter realized the falsehoods of these suggestions. Unfortunately, acquaintances we made back than have not been not so blessed.

It is difficult to find solid biblical churches where false teachings and ideas of one kind or another have not made some inroads there. The parishioners are biblically ignorant and are ready to infuse worldly logic with scripture! How can they be as the Bereans of old who were more noble because they checked Scripture daily to see if what they were hearing was true!

There is much more I could point out but I wouldn’t know where to stop. Thank you! God bless you both,    Illinois

Dear Martin and Deidre,

We really appreciate your faithfulness to God and your adherence to His Word. We also appreciate your boldness in proclaiming God’s truth and your efforts to inform Christians, and all who will listen, about the dangers and consequences of psychotherapy. Your ministry is such a blessing to us and so many others. We pray that God will richly bless you and your ministry as you continue His work.       Oklahoma

Martin and Deidre,

In response to your last PAL January, February 2017, concerning licensing: the criticisms of licensing would also have to apply to biblical counseling with its certification.

As you point out, there would be no biblical counseling if there were not first secular counseling that it attempts to correct. Yet this approach usurps the Holy Spirit in numerous ways; from attempting to diagnose someone’s root problems in a sort of Christianized psychoanalysis  to the other extreme of  oversimplification of behaviorism.

Other errors include charging, giving therapeutic license for evil speaking and slander, increased temptation in unsound cross-gender counseling, lack of accountability to the local church, referral to secular disease-based drug/alcohol recovery, increasingly resembling an unbearably inept Christian Psychology, and a failure to engage in criticisms of gospel compromise of the same.

We can add the fleshly appeal of being the authority and mimicking the world in certification, where even secular sources have very credible arguments against licensing. Conceptually speaking the same would have to apply to biblical counseling where you should not be certifying or charging for what you should not be doing as opposed to what we all should be doing in person to person ministry.     New York

Dear Martin & Deidre,

Thank you so much for persevering in this increasingly important ministry.    Pennsylvania

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PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries
4137 Primavera Road
Santa Barbara, CA 93110