Christ-Centered Ministry
Problem-Centered Counseling
A Radical Proposal

Christ-Centered Ministry vs. Problem-Centered Counseling
Radio interview
The radical proposal is to discourage problem-centered counseling and to encourage Christ-centered ministry, to overthrow intimidation from the psychological and biblical counseling movements, and thereby to free believers in local congregations to minister to fellow believers without psychological or biblical counseling manuals, workshops, seminars, degrees, or certificates.
The purpose of this book is to reveal the origins and faults of problem-centered counseling, to describe Christ-centered ministry and how it differs from problem-centered counseling, and to encourage local congregations to minister as God has called them to without the influence of the psychological and biblical counseling movements. Softbound, 136 pages.
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Table of Contents

  1.   A Radical Proposal (text of Chapter One - also in PDF)
  2.   Psychotherapy (Talk Therapy)
  3.   The Biblical Counseling Movement
  4.   The Rise and Practice of Problem-Centered Counseling
  5.   Christ-Centered Ministry or Problem-Centered Counseling?
  6.   Who, What, Why, When, Where, & How
  7.   Christ-Centered Ministry or Problem-Centered Counseling