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"Church Ministry" (Part 2) ― Discussing how to deal with life's problems other than through biblical counseling.

"Church Ministry" (Part 1) ― Martin and Deidre Bobgan discuss their concerns about how Christian counseling is often done.

 The two interviews above are based on articles in the Jul-Aug 2014 PAL.

"Dropping Out of Psychotherapy and Turning to the Lord" (Part 2) Concluding discussion regarding a Biblical view of dealing with life's problems. (PAL article)

"Dropping Out of Psychotherapy and Turning to the Lord" (Part 1) Few people are aware of the high dropout rate in psychotherapy.  Why do so many people drop out of psychological counseling?  What does the Lord provide for His children when they are experiencing problems of living?

"Discard the DiSC!" (Part 2) Did God set forth in His Word a system for understanding people according to temperament types? (PAL article)

"Discard the DiSC!" (Part 1) Having warned about personality tests and the four temperaments in articles and in their book Four Temperaments, Astrology & Personality Testing, the Bobgans here challenge the reliability of another popular personality test -- DiSC.

"Counseling Encourages Talebearing" (Part 2) — Exposing the nature, practice, and dangers of talebearing in counseling situations.  (PAL article)

 "Counseling Encourages Talebearing" (Part 1)The Bible warns about the evils of talebearing (Prov. 18:8, 20:19; 26:20). Yet the risk of talebearing is inherent in every situation in which people talk about their problems and about other people. (PAL article)

"Christ-Centered Ministry versus Problem-Centered Counseling" —  Describing Christ-centered ministry and how it differs from problem-centered counseling. (Book)

"Modesty: Virtue Ignored" What's happening to the biblical concepts of holiness, purity, and modesty in the church?

"Wild at Heart" - a critique — This best-seller claims to show the way to "Discovering the Secret of a Man's Soul." Book review

"The Spiritual Dimensions of Hypnosis" — What is hypnosis? Who is qualified to hypnotize? What does the research say about the benefits or risks of hypnosis?

"Psychology vs. the Bible" (Part 3) Ministering Biblical truth - believer to believer.

"Psychology vs. the Bible" (Part 2) — Sybil's multiple personality disorder, should she have had "group therapy?" What about other really serious mental illness, should we seek professional help?

"Psychology vs. the Bible" (Part 1) — Psychiatrist, or witchdoctor, which is right for you? The latest disorders and syndromes sweeping the nation.

"12 Steps to Destruction" (Part 2) - How the Bible treats habitual sin. (Book)

"12 Steps to Destruction" (Part 1) - Why does the church support 12-step programs?

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